Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Shar and
I'm a creative based in Napier, New Zealand.
I'm clever in a lot of professional visualisation medias.
I have 20 years of Illustration, graphic and web design experience. 12 years as a professional photographer and I recently completed a Diploma in Architectural Technology. (Because hey... let's not stop learning).
I'm very interested in merging my talents into concept design work, especially illustration, spatial design, 3D Renders, VR & AR technology.

Shar Hays Photography


Family & Pet Portraits
Editorial & Architectural Photography
Event Photography


Illustrative Photography
Book Illustration
Art Sales

Concept Design

Architectural Renders
Interior Concept Layouts
CAD Services

This site will grow with me (and more links will open up soon). I'm just excited to get the work flowing,
bring on 2023.
Thanks, connect with me below.

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